Superwoman Academy

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a 90-day virtual program

The Superwoman Experience

The Superwoman Academy is a revolutionary training to help you feel more powerful, up-level your career, lead others and make a difference in your community. Get live online classes, one-on-one coaching, customized support and community you can access from anywhere in the world!


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Live Online Classes & Private Coaching

In the Superwoman Academy you get 9 online classes, 3 private coaching calls, and an invitation to join our private online community where you can connect with other attendees in the program, ask specific questions and get support from the group.

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Learn the superwoman way for getting safe, connected and clear so that you can get to work on your goals

The Superwoman Way

Find out how to set your vision, mission and plan to target exactly what you want

The Superwoman Way

Learn The Superwoman method for taking imperfect action


Get expert training on how to give and receive feedback in a collaborative way


connect with likeminded women to learn and grow together

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Power, Leadership, Impact

The Superwoman Academy curriculum is built to empower you with the knowledge you need to act confidently so that you can effectively manage and up-level your career, lead others and make a difference in your work and community.

Superwoman Way

An inside-out approach to professional development

We believe that professional development starts with self-development. In the Superwoman Academy, you’ll learn how to coach yourself so that you can overcome negative thoughts, insecurities and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

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backed by research and industry best practices

The Superwoman Academy curriculum is built in collaboration with industry experts, and backed by research and best practices in agility, business, leadership, coaching, communications and management.


built specifically for women

The creators of The Superwoman Academy built the curriculum to support the specific needs of women. This course is inclusive of all individuals, backgrounds, sexual and gender preference.


Powered by community

The Superwoman Academy is powered by a community of resources, experts and professionals from all over the world. Get access to information and expert advice from our guest instructors.

Jessica’s expertise guided me from career confusion to feeling excited, curious, and open to the possibilities before me. It has been an immensely transformative experience and I highly recommend working with Jessica — no matter where you are at in your career!
— Lauren Marrallo



about us

Jessica Williams


The Superwoman Academy is a virtual training offered by Superwoman Project Founder, Jessica Williams. Jessica is a transformative and sought-after leader for the empowerment of women on a global scale working with individuals, nonprofits and corporations to advance the professional development of strong, powerful female leadership.

Shortly after attending one of the Superwoman Project’s workshops and six months after the Superwoman Summit, I had an amazing career opportunity present itself. With the tools I absorbed, I was able to confidently advocate for myself with a new sense of self worth and goal clarity. I delivered my asks, and held steadfast to my non-negotiable terms. I landed that executive role and got what I asked for! This work she is doing is truly invaluable!
— Natalie M.
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