Frequently Asked Questions


Time commitment

How much time does this program take?

The Superwoman Academy takes place over 90 days. The live master classes are typically 90 minutes long depending on the size of the group. We will provide homework and worksheets to do outside of class. It is your choice how much additional time you want to invest in this program.




What are the payment options?

All this program requires is one simple, easy payment via credit card.

Additionally, you will receive an ambassador link to share with your community. For every friend you get to enroll in the program, we will credit you $20.



How easy is the technology for this program?

The technology is super easy. We use Zoom for our live master classes and will provide a link to join prior to each class. We use Mighty Networks for our online community and it’s one of the coolest new community building tools out there!


lifetime access

Will I be able to access the Superwoman Academy after the training is complete?

We provide lifetime access to all Superwoman Academy resources.




What kind of women take this program?

This program is for women of all backgrounds who want to feel more powerful, lead others and make a difference.

If you struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and confusion in your career, this is for you. If you feel overwhelmed about your future, this program will provide incredible “self-coaching” tools you can use for the rest of your life.




What kind of additional support do you provide?

We want you to succeed and get everything you can out of these 90 days, so we will monitor the online community during regular business hours to answer your questions as they come up. In addition, Jessica is available for email and text support during regular business hours.

Finally, you will receive a complete workbook in the mail along with additional gifts to support you during this program. We will provide life-time access to the online recordings and supplemental materials.




What if I have to miss a class?

Not to worry! We want you to make as many of the live classes as you can, because the group interaction is an important part of this program, but if you miss one or two, you can always catch up with the recordings.




What does this program value?

We value respectful dialogue, collaboration, creativity, and open-mindedness. We believe that professional development starts with personal development, so you should be prepared to work on yourself in this program.